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Test faster. Lower costs. Enhance quality.

  • You need to create many test cases in little time?
  • You want to minimize the effort for test cases?
  • You want to identify the most important test cases in an early stage of development?

MBTsuite – The testing framework

MBTsuite implements the model-based test (MBT) in a new format. AFRA and consistently evolved model-based testing (MBT) into the best practice method model-centric testing (.mzT). By combining MBTsuite and model-centric testing you can decrease costs and enhance quality at the same time.

The method of model-centric testing displays test design entirely in graphical form. MBTsuite generates executable test cases out of UML models. This makes MBTsuite the link between  tools for modeling test cases, test management and test automatization.

MBTsuite supports your test management and test planning by

  • Visualizing test plans
  • Prioritizing tests
  • Pursuing requirements
  • Backtracking errors
  • Defining test coverage statistics


MBTsuite automatically creates executable test cases and test data from graphic models. It perfectly covers all requirements from component to system testing.

The generated test cases are platform independent and can be exported into various formats.  For manual test execution tests can be generated in Excel, Word, HP Quality Center and other formats. From the same models you can just as easily generate tests for SilkTest, QuickTestPro or any other script language. SCRUM-teams in agile development profit from the models as a basis for decision and discussion.

Your advantages

  • Increase quality: The models help you increase the quality of your test specifications. Opens internal link in current windowYour advantages
  • Standardize: UML (Unified Modeling Language) makes it easier for you to standardize your dest descriptions. Opens internal link in current windowYour advantages
  • Build systematically and make comprehensible: You aquire a complete overview over the System Under Test (SUT). Errors in the SUT are revealed easily. Opens internal link in current windowYour advantages
  • Easy to reuse and maintain: You can reuse the models for recurring activities. Additionally, a lower number of artifacts leads to less maintenance effort. Opens internal link in current windowYour advantages
  • Increase efficiency: With the method of .mzT (model-centric test) you can significantly decrease the effort for producing test cases.
    Opens internal link in current windowYour advantages

Live demo

EA, MBTsuite and 4CS

MBTsuite Viewer


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