.mzT – the model-centric test

Reduce your effort for test case creation

Create test cases efficiently

The advantage of  the model-centric approach in test design lies in significantly reducing the effort for the creation of test cases. The effort is reduced by an average of 20 to 40 percent. You can achieve an even more noticeable reduction of costs in maintenance. This is confirmed by several independent studies. 

The graphic illustrates the comparison of document-based and model-centric testing:

Recognize errors early

Even in early project stages,  .mzT and MBTsuite lead to an increase in effectivity and efficiency through consistent visualization of test requirements.Therefore, faults are easily trackable and resources are saved.

The Test-First-Approach ensures that deficiencies in the requirements are uncovered, which improves requirements engineering. .mzT and MBTsuite support you with identifying inconsistencies in between requirements and development. 
.mzT and MBTsuite help you revise unclear requirements and reinspect completed developments prior to commercial launch.

Use your advantage in competition

.mzT and MBTsuite enable you to begin with test case modelling in an early stage of development. Model-based test design lets you meet changes in requirements exceptionally fast and uncomplicated.

This lets you have the edge over your competitors. Especially for products with a short life cycle model-centric testing is advantageous, since test models created once can be used repeatedly.


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