Success Stories

MBTsuite has been implemented successfully in a wide variety of fields. 

It is easy to integrate into an already existing set of tools. Together with modeling and test case management tools, it can be used as part of a closed, very efficient toolchain. Read more about this in our success stories about BPMN and Siemens Healthcare now!

Our customers include renowned manufacturers from the fields of

  • Medical technology
  • Automotive
  • Avionics
  • Automation
  • The public sector

Furthermore, we developed effective toolchains for you together with our parters:

Your testing framework and MBTsuite - suitable for you!

The base for every model-based testing approach is an understandable and "well-formed" test model. This includes that the test modeller has to be accustomed to the modeling tool and its handling.

This is why we have taken up the cause of supporting your modeling environment and to enable you to apply model-based testing (MBT) within your environment. This is implemented through our best-practice method "model-centric testing" (mzT).

The left part of the graphic shows the modeling tools supported by default.
If your's is not among them, contact us! We have used almost every existing tool before and are happy to cater to your individual requirements.

The connection to your testing framework

MBTsuite understands itself as a bridge between test design (in the model) and test case execution within your testing framework.

The right part of the graphic shows a selection of the supported test management and test case execution tools respectively those of our partners. Naturally, we offer you a wide support in test management, test automatisation and test case execution for your framework.

You are working in an entirely different environment?

Ask us,we are familiar with most of the frameworks on the market and can offer you qualified support for connecting with MBTsuite.


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